Friday, April 18, 2014

Greenworks Mower Comparison: 24-volt battery verses 40-volt Lithium-Ion

I don’t like emissions, fumes and the smell of gas makes me sick; headaches and upset stomach.  So I told my husband that this year we were going to buy an earth friendly lawn mower and searched online at and  

I narrowed down my search to two Greenworks cordless battery operated lawn mowers.  Prices were comparable at both online store, however you could pick the mower up at your local Sears or have it shipped, that was extra. offered free shipping on these greenworks lawn mowers.  


Greenworks model 25222 24-volts cordless 20 inch Lawn Mower

Greenworks 25302 40-volt  G-max cordless Lithium-Ion 20 inch 
two in one twin force lawn mower

  1. One has a 40 Volt lithium-ion battery which is desirable but this 50 pound mower is not self propelled and I don’t like the idea of walking behind and pushing it up the slopes in my yard.  The other greenworks mower is cordless self propelled with a 24 volt sealed acid battery.  
  2. Both lawn mowers have the dual blade that not only cuts the grass but also mulches and feeds into an attached bag. I like this feature because it saves time and energy; I no longer after to rake to remove the cut grass from the lawn, instead I can remove the bag and then add the clippings to the compost.
  3. Both lawn mowers are good for the environment because there is no gas emission, fumes, potential hazard of gas spillage into the soil, and no noise; you cut the grass in peace and quiet.
  4. The 40 volt has lithium-Ion battery and the other has a sealed lead-acid battery.
  5. The 24 volt model offers self propelled allows you to cut the grass without becoming exhausted
  6. Battery life differs but if you have a small to medium sized yard you will be able to get it cut with one battery charge.
  7. I am certain that when I present my cordless battery charged lawn mowers to my husband that he will agree that the self propelled is the right mower with extra battery is the right choice for us.

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