Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Decorating Ideas for Outdoor Living Space

I have taken on a DIY project to remodel my outdoor living space which is my sun porch that is protected from the weather.  Basically I have painted the exterior walls a warm beige and accented the trim with a creamy vanilla paint color.  My outdoor furniture is all-weather white wicker with a hunter green seat cushions.  I choose these colors because they are complimentary to a garden setting.

So I have set the stage for my sun porch and going forward I will know what colors will compliment the room.

Here is a patio set that I created at Polyvore that will show you how festive Christmas country theme pillows look on a patio sofa.  I also added a variety of accessories and potted and decorated Christmas tree.

 My accessory ideas consist of green Christmas tree throw pillows, sofa throw blanket, serving tray for beverages or to hold a variety of tumbler size balsam Yankee candles, coordinating beverage coaster, soft lighting for the corner table, and an outdoor area rug would be perfect.

Here are some country style throw pillows and fleece blankets that I found that I think will compliment my outdoor seating area. As long as I apply a scotchgaurd they will be fine as my sum porch is covered.

In addition to these home decorating accessories I thought I would accent the sun porch with  live Christmas trees that are planted in containers.  Then I could decorating these trees with lights and non breakable ornaments and these trees would look so pretty especially during the Christmas holidays when guest gather for conversation at our outdoor living space.

I have many decorating ideas for my outdoor living space and think when the accessories are added to the sun porch and the colors are balanced that this area  will be a cozy winter holiday retreat.

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