Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wishing for an Indoor Garden Space

The past few days were wonderful because the weather was sunny and warm but today the weather has changed and it is cold once again. Since today is too cold for me to work in the yard and garden I am wishing for an indoor space where I can grow flowers and herbs.

I have an old drafty greenhouse that is attached to my garage but it is too expensive to keep this space heated so I needed to abandoned the greenhouse until winter comes to an end. 

 Now I am looking at my side sun porch and would like to turn this space into my growing and gardening space.  I like that it has a southern sun exposure and that the windows are from ceiling to the floor. 

There is door that separates this space from the main house and this door will keep our cats out. Husband would prefer me to not take over this space because he likes to read the paper in this room in the morning. So I am thinking that a room divider may keep me and and my husband happy. 

Anyway I am dying to get my hands into dirt and start growing plants so I am wishing for an indoor garden space that has southern sun for growing healthy flowers and herbs.

Here is a a set that I created at polyvore. It features some herb garden products that I designed at my store. I love the way this room looks and think this interior design would be perfect for my indoor garden.

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