Thursday, June 18, 2015

When It Rains I Create Garden Sets at Polyvore

Last week I was productive in the garden and was able to get the yard and gardens manicured after a month of rain.  Everyday I went out to work in my gardens for minimum of six our daily.  I was getting so many projects accomplished.  Then  two days ago the clouds turned dark and it started to rain again.  

Our forecast for this week is rain every single day.  Know that the ground is saturated and the run off is pulling my mulch away from the plants stems.  Plus there are large mud puddles forming in area that I thought was well drained.

Needless to say I will not be gardening this week so I have taken the opportunity to create garden and outdoor living space designs for a few of my clients.  

I find the design tool at polyvore to be quite useful.  Basically I start with a blank canvas and then clip images that I need. I add these images by overlapping them and I create a collage that is eye appealing.

These garden and outdoor space sets help me with my resume and also I use them to show clients.  So it is safe to say that I am always working on new ideas for outdoor living spaces,  and gardens even when it rains.

View a few of my yard and garden designs that I created at polyvore.

Here is a design that I did for a clients covered deck. I really like the way this space turned out because it has good ambiance; warm and inviting.

Blue Theme Outdoor Decor and

Blue Theme Outdoor Decor and Furniture by sgolis featuring outdoor patio chairs

This set features a garden space and path for outdoor gathering. This garden set would be great for a large yard. I like the way the seating area is away from the garden path and flowerbed.

Pink Theme Garden Party

Pink Theme Garden Party by sgolis featuring Tiffany Lamp; Co.

Many people do not have a yard where they can enjoy an outdoor space. So I recommend that they utilize this space that they have. In this set I showed one of my clients how to create a warm and inviting space with container gardens for their front porch.

Red Patriotic Front Porch Decor

Red Patriotic Front Porch Decor by sgolis featuring red area rugs

This set I created to show a client what I wear when I garden.  Know that I really like these zazzle flower print cotton t-shirts because I can add my information for my business on the back. Also the shirt is soft and very comfortable.  Know that the photo of the garden in the background is of my personal daylily garden by my stepping stone path.

Tiger Lily Garden

Tiger Lily Garden by sgolis featuring terracotta planters

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