Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I Like Zazzle Rain and Garden Boots

 When it comes to working in the yard during the spring months I have to wear rubber boots. In the past I have picked up boots at Walmart and other discounted shops and these boots were okay to use for walking in the rain.  They were not good for working in the yard.   They were not comfortable, and the sole did not keep my feet in one place.  My feet paid the price because there were no comfort soles, plus the sole did not have good traction and the inexpensive rain boots were not suited for working in the garden.

Then I bought Slogger rain boots at, and I thought that this boot would probably be wonderful but they were too wide for my feet.  I ended up giving them away.  

Presently I like the Twoalit  rain boots at  These boots will suit my comfort, and fashion needs, plus they cleanup easily which is a big plus for anyone who works outdoors in garden, yard or farm. 

I like that these clear boots are made in the USA and they can be hosed off after I work in the garden. But what I really like is the prints...instead of wearing a boring black pair of boots I can now wear adorable fashion rain or garden boots.

Okay so these boots were made for rain and working in the garden...but are these boots comfortable?  

Know that these boots come with comfort soles; “Comfort Soles are included with your boots! These comfort soles only need to be worn if you plan to wear the clear boots without your TwoAlity boot liners! If you wanted to wear the clear boots with your own tall socks, you will need to insert the comfort soles first." quote from boot website.

Please note that "if you try to wear the comfort soles and the boot liners at the same time, the boots could be snug! Boots are made by TwoAlity™ and are designed to brighten up your rainy, snowy or muddy day! You can choose from a variety of boot liners! Customize your TwoAlity boot liners by adding embroidery". Know that these boot liners are the perfect way to show off your name, or other text, even a logo. Learn more about these rain and garden boots at

Here are my rubber boots.  They are great for rain wear


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