Thursday, May 12, 2016

Landscape Project for Colonial House

This week I have accepted a landscape cleanup project for a Colonial house. The client sent me photographs and asked me to put together some ideas that would improve their current landscape.  It is a basic landscape project that will allow them to enjoy their front of the house garden and landscape all year round.

Here is a photo of the area that needs landscaping.

I have been looking at the photographs for this project for  last couple days and  my mind is brainstorming.  So many ideas but thought it was best to find out what the client likes / dislikes. 

The client loves flowers but also wants an evergreen landscape so that the front of the house will be appealing; spring, summer, autumn and winter.  Based on the notes that I took when chatting with my client I decided to create a garden in the front of the house, with a cozy seating area on the porch where the family can sit and watch the sunset or enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. 

Here is the landscape set that I designed for my client.

Front of the House Garden/Landscape

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