Monday, May 31, 2010

Repelling Mosquitoes From Yard

Repel mosquito from your yard naturally with plants, and other natural pest controls is safer for your family and the enviroment. 

Take a chemical free approach to preventing mosquito bites by making some minor changes to your yard and gardens.  Grow plants that are plentiful in essential oils.  Choose the plants; citrosa, geranium, lemon grass, catnip, eucalyptus, lemon thyme, lemon basil, lavender, peppermint and bee balm and repel mosquitoes naturally.

Grow these plants in hanging pots, free standing containers and in gardens.  It is best to plant in sunny location that is close to your outdoor living space and children’s play areas.  For best results plant several gardens throughout out your yard and you will form a beneficial mosquito barrier. This will allow you to protect your family and your outdoor pets from mosquito bites.

Another method for repelling mosquitoes from your yard is to attract wildlife that forage flying insects.   Install a bat box 30 feet from your home.  Attract bats to your yard and naturally get rid of mosquitoes.  One bat will eat 600 mosquitoes in one hour.  I installed a flood light for my back gardens and the bats foraged off all of the insects that populate around the light. 

The bat is an excellent way to control mosquito populations however I recommend the bat box for large yard, acreages only.  It is recommended that you keep your pets and family indoors after dusk.

This year I am installing a purple martin birdhouses, so I can attract many birds to my yard.  You see the primary food source for this bird is flying insects such as mosquitoes.  

One bird will eat 1000 flying insects and mosquitoes in a day.  I think that buying a birdhouse for multiple purple martin birds is a natural and cost effective way to control mosquito populations.

Bull Frog SPF#30 Mosquito Coast Sunblock/Insect Spray 6 oz.
If you are out in the yard and garden during the day spray your exposed skin with Bull Frog Mosquito Coast.   

This mosquito repellent is a sunscreen with an insect repellent. This DEET free formula may be applied to children and adults.  Apply the spray to your skin, for face application, spray on your hand and then apply.  Bull Frog will repel mosquito, chiggers and ticks for 8 hours.  

I use to wear the bug bands but found that the Bull Frog is a better repellent plus it has a SPF of 30 which protects my skin from harmful sun rays.