Thursday, October 9, 2014

Flowers Blooming in My Garden: Photo Gallery

Even thought the weather has changed and the evenings have been dipping into the low thirties there are still flowers blooming in my gardens. These white, yellow and pink flowers add interest and are also eye appealing.
Sweet Autumn clematis 
Today I awoke to find that the change in temperature has caused the autumn leaves to fall from the trees onto the garden beds.  These golden and red leaves make a nice background for the burgundy and yellow Chrysanthemums and magenta and salmon colored Four O clock flowers.
Yellow daisy like Chrysanthemums 

Other autumn wild flowers are blooming in the woods that is adjacent to my home; delicate white flowers of the sweet autumn clematis, goldenrod and then a compact weed has delicate white flower clusters that look so pretty. I noted a few lavender phlox type flowers blooming along the trail and thought this flower would be lovely if grown in masses.
Flower blooming in the woods along nature path

I suspect that these flowers will continue to bloom until there is a hard frost, hoping that does not occur any time soon.  I hope you enjoyed the  photographs of the autumn flowers that are blooming in my yard and gardens. 

What flowers are blooming in your yard?