Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Making Mulch out of Christmas Trees

Before you drag your Christmas tree to the curb for trash pickup, think about recycling it by turning it into nutrient rich  mulch for your yard and garden.

My husband never wanted to make mulch out of the Christmas tree but when he saw all the mulch that he got that was free of charge he realized it was a great savings.  We did not need to buy mulch in the spring for our gardens or for around our trees or shrubs.

There is some work in getting your tree ready for the wood chipper.  But before you remove all of the branches call your areas recycling center to see if they can chip the whole tree.  If not do the following;

1.   Remove all of the branches and stack them neatly in a rubber 32 gallon trash bin when all of the branches are remove set the tree trunk on top.
2.   Call a buddy to see if you can borrow their wood chipper if none is available then take your Christmas tree branches to a recycling place that makes yard and garden mulch free of charge.
3.   Use the trash bin to collect your mulch and then cover your garden beds or encircle your shrubs and trees with the fragrant and nutrient rich mulch.

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