Thursday, April 14, 2016

About Mole Animals - How to Get Rid of Them

Today my neighbor came down to talk to me about the mole animals in his yard. He had one that had dug a hole up by his oak tree and did not like the mound of dirt. He also did not like his kids playing around the mole, was concerned for their safety. He asked me how to kill it.

You may not know a whole lot about moles, but I know a thing or two.  They are a burrowing small mammal that lives underground. This small animal has nice soft looking fur with powerful looking front paws with claws that are meant to dig.  Moles are not blind but they do have poor eyesight.  The mole eats grubs, beetles, slugs, earthworms and they will eat plant tubers and roots that have become water logged or infested with insects. 

I have never ever heard of a mole chasing and biting a child. These animals spend their entire life underground. Occasionally you will get a photo them, they rarely leave their den.

I do not kill moles in my yard. I use organic repellent if I have more than one or two in my yard. I will remove their mound of dirt and work it back into my yard and garden, this makes my yard look better. For me these little animals are an organic way to get rid of insects that are not desirable, such as grubs, slugs and beetles. 

My neighbor had been told to spray his yard with chemicals to kill the mole and every living insect. Not to mention this chemical would be harmful to pets and kids. He was also told to put rubber pellets in the ground that were about the size of a grub and this would be the best way to kill the mole.

There is no reason to kill the mole animal in your yard when you can get rid of them without harming them. There are organic repellents that will get rid of the moles and they won’t come back.

One way is to buy Concentrated Garlic Barrier and spray your entire lawn and spray into the mole tunnel. Why? Moles find the garlic vapors to be repulsive, and they will leave.

Another safe and effective way to get rid of moles is to Buy Plant Por-Tech Gopher and Mole repellents I found this product at and it works well. You put the slow release garlic stake in the tunnel and it will continue to release the garlic vapor for 12 months. This is an easy repellent that gets rid of moles and other burrowing pests.

Now my husband prefers to treat the lawn with a home make mole repellent. He uses a mixture of dawn dish soap, caster oil and water that is is mixed in a lawn sprayer bottle. Before he saturates our lawn with this formula he will back fill the dirt into the mole tunnels then he leave a puddle of the caster oil, dawn and water in the area of the hole. When the solution seeps into the tunnel the moles will leave.

This treatment which consists of 4 ounces of caster oi, 1 tablespoon of dawn dish soap and water that is mixed well prior to applying needs to be repeated monthly to repel any new moles that want to burrow in your yard.

I recommend natural mole repellents because they are organic, safe to use around pets and kids.

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12 Month Garlic Slow Release Stakes to Safely Get Rid of Moles
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