Friday, May 29, 2015

Another Day of Rain: Yard Cleanup will Take a Week

The weather forecast called for sun today and I cleared my schedule so I could go outdoors and start pulling the weeds from my garden beds.  The entire yard is saturated with rain water and there are standing puddles and mud everywhere.  When I look at my yard I do get overwhelmed because clean up will take at least a week.
Rain Rain go away, come again some other day

Rain has made the gross grow FAST.  Need to mow the lawn

Need at least a week to manicure the lawn and gardens.  Too much rain made weeds grow FAST

The only thing I accomplished today was pulling out my rotted vegetables from the organic raised garden bed.  Too much rain, flash flooding and when the soil is saturated with water the veggies will not grow.   To do this garden task really  made me sick because we grow our own food.

I started to clean up the garden mess when the dark clouds rolled in, then heard the lightening in the distance and knew it would be another day of rain.  Hoping that tomorrow will bring sunshine and that I can work in the yard and gardens for several hours.

Before I go, I wanted to share with you all a new organic weed killer that I picked up to kill the weeds between my stepping stones.  The product name is Avenger weed killer and it is available in concentrate or ready to use.

I prefer the ready to use 1 gallon size.  This formula in non toxic and is safe to use around your flowers.   Know that if you plan on killing weeds do not use this product on a cloudy day or when the ground is wet.  For best results use this weed killer on a hot and sunny day.  The heat from the sun will activate the formula and the weeds will turn brown in a couple of hours.

Avenger weed killer does work and it is great for controlling weed growth between sidewalk, garden path and where hand-pull is not easy.  You can find and buy this non toxic product at most home and garden centers including  and

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Spring Rain Makes Flowers and Weeds Grow FAST

April showers are welcoming to any gardener but when it rains too much then it creates a horrible mess. During the month of May we had horrific rain storms every single day which left standing water and a whole lot of mud in my yard.

The back lily garden has grown in too thick, It must be thinned out. 

My home is on a hill so my neighbors new top soil traveled down his yard and is now backs up against my river rock wall and some top soil backed up onto my patio.

Yes I need to clean up a muddy mess plus cut the grass, trim all the new brush that has grown in and weed the gardens again. I like to have all this yard work completed before June but all the rain sure did make a mess out of my yard.

Today was first day of part sun but not enough to dry out the grass or to evaporate the standing water in my yard so hopefully by the weekend I can address my yard and garden issues and get it cleaned up and looking presentable and not like a jungle.  

When the weeds are all hand pulled in the gardens I will treat them with weed preventer Preen

Friday, May 15, 2015

Transplanting Liriope Lilyturf Groundcover

The April shower continued through May and now my low growing groundcover has become invasive and needs to be divided and transplanted.

I grow three groundcovers in my yard; Baltic ivy, Vinca flowering vine and Liriope  lilyturf which is a low growing grass like plant that flowers in the fall.  

Know that in late winter I did trim back the liriope but the spring rain made it grow in twice the size that it was before and now husband says we need to thin it out and shape it before it takes over the entire front yard.  I agreed and added this garden project to my list of things to do.

The best time to tackle this garden project would be on a cloudy day. Today was cloudy so I started to thin out the liriope with my spade. I selected large clumps and dug them up. Then dividing the clumps and transplanting to grow around my mature oak tree. (the photo you see above was taken in the fall when the flowers were blooming) 

I was able to remove six feet of the plants before calling it a day. The mosquitos were very bad, and my repellent did not seem to keep them away. Even the citronella fire torch did not keep the biting bugs away so I called it a day and went inside.

Know that my groundcover garden does not look thinned out but I think that when I remove several more plant clumps that it will look better.  I plan to get up early tomorrow morning and work on this project before it rains in the afternoon.

View this video to learn more about dividing and transplanting liriope.

If you are interested in growing liriope in your garden then I would recommend that you ask your friends if they are transplanting and if they can spare to give you some plants.  Otherwise you can buy groundcover plants at any of the following online stores.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Earthwise Chainsaw with Pole Product Review

A few months ago I was shopping at and came across a lightweight chainsaw that came with a pole.  I watched the product video that featured a women using the  chainsaw and thought I can cut back dead tree limbs and overgrown shrubs if she can.  So I ordered this chainsaw and let me tell you I love it.

I no longer have to ask my husband trim this branch or cut down the overgrown shrub that is blocking the sunlight.  I get out my 8  inch Earthwise 6.5 amp 2 in 1 chainsaw and get the job done.

Today there was a serviceberry tree growing next to my lily garden and it was blocking the light so I cut down this 11 foot tree in a matter of minutes.  Know that I was a gardener that was  pleased with herself, for doing the project herself and not asking my husband to cut the tree back.

I think this earthwise chainsaw is a must have for gardener, landscaper or homeowner.  It is so easy to use, you plug it into a outdoor two prong extension cord and then press a button.  No more smelly gas fumes, is good for your health and environment.

Here is a video that will show you how easy this chainsaw is to put together and use.   Know that my husband will grab my Earthwise chainsaw first before he grabs his.  He says it is so easy to use, plus light as a feather.

Here is the video from that sold me on this small chainsaw.  It is perfect for the women who likes to  take care of yard and garden.