Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cottage Flower Garden Tips

Where I reside the yards are small and one has to make good with the space that they have for their garden. Many people in my neighborhood will grow cottage gardens in their front yard and these gardens if not planned tend to look messy.

The other day my neighbor stopped me to chat with me about her garden. She asked me what I thought and if I would give her some tips. I recommended that she choose 3 complimentary colors like (pink, purple-red then add a contrast like white or yellow, use the contrast sparingly, just to add a splash of color)

Plant fragrant and wildlife flowers that would bloom all season in those colors. When you keep with a few flower colors the garden will look more eye appealing.

Here is a purple salvia flower poster that I designed from one of my photographs. This is a long blooming flower that attracts butterflies to your garden.

Other cottage garden tips would be to balance the colors by growing clumps of flowers, same color together, instead of tossing the seeds up in the air and letting the flowers grow where they land.

A cottage garden that has space in-between the flowers that are grown in clumps or masses will look inviting. Add a rock,s a bird feeder, birdhouses, fountain. pond, stepping stones a wheelbarrow planter, solar bird bath for interest. Also, add height to the garden with the usage of a trellis. I like to break up gardens with a garden bench, but that is optional.

Tiger lilies will add height to your cottage garden and the blooms are gorgeous.

Know that a cottage garden with a windy garden path in the center will add not only curb appeal but will also make the garden more inviting. The path can be gravel, mulch or stepping stones.

Here is a garden set that I created to show my neighbor my ideas for her cottage garden.

Cottage Garden Ideas by sgolis featuring garden patio decor

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Early Spring Garden Activities

Winter is almost over and I find that I am thinking about the spring and summer season. There are many seasons in the year and I like them all, but spring is my favorite time of the year because of the yard and garden activities.

When the spring flowers break ground I know it is time to start getting my planters ready for growing flowers, and vegetables. I generally plant seeds and grow everything in my greenhouse. Then transplant outdoors after the threat of spring frost has passed.

Garden Activities

This week my husband is helping me to remove late fallen leaves from the garden beds. We are using the rakes and find it is a good way to work the soil for upcoming planting. I will also cut back the ornamental grasses, as the days are getting warmer and this will encourage new growth.

When the garden cleanup is completed we will start new projects. My husband will make some raised garden beds for my strawberries and I will start working on garden plans. I like to draw out a diagram every year for my annual gardens. 

I am glad my husband is helping me to work in the gardens and do appreciate him making the raised garden beds.  

Here are a few articles that I published about spring gardening and plants that I grow in my gardens.
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4.   Window Box Garden Tips

Working in your yard and garden is a great way to relieve stress. It is always fun to take a before and after photographs of your garden. Then you will really know what you accomplished.

Retaining wall and privacy fence, garden by the driveway 

I recommend the following garden products from Walmart.com I found them to be quality made and they are priced right. 
Raised Garden Bed Kit
Greenhouse Kit