Monday, September 18, 2017

Pruning Wild Climbing Roses

Normally I will walk past the wild climbing roses that grow in the woods by my home and I am careful where I step, but this summer I found that there are many canes that have blocked the nature trail, so I intend on pruning the rose canes before they get out of control. 

It is uncommon for wild climbing roses to bloom in the woods because they do not get enough sunlight but the ones by my home are covered with pink blooms.  The roses that grow wild have taken over an acre of land.  It is a big job to prune the entire area so I am concentrating on the roses close to my home.  

Before pruning the climbing roses you will need to buy special gloves that were made for taking care of roses. They are protective cowhide gloves that protect your hands and arms from the thorns.  I also recommend wearing a long sleeve shirt, pants, and rubber garden boots.
The climbing roses will be pruned to remove the dead branches. Then I will cut the remaining canes two-thirds, and the ones growing close to the garden path I will prune at the soil surface. This pruning should provide us with a more uniform climbing rosebush. 

My husband said he would put up a trellis to train roses how to climb.  Next growing season we hope to have manicured climbing roses that cover the trellis.
Learn more about climbing roses by viewing this video.