Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Getting Ready to Plant Organic Spinach Seeds

Even though it is too cold to plant spinach outdoors I am getting ready to plant Ferry-Morse organic spinach seeds in containers.  I like to have my salad bowl of spinach close to my kitchen and thus the containers will sit in the sun on my back deck.

Today I washed my container out with dawn antibacterial dish soap and rinsed them will in the shower.  Then I let them air dry.  When the containers were completely dry I then mixed organic matter with potting soil in the container and set them aside.

(If you do not have compost for your organic matter then buy a bag of manure)

Now the containers are ready for planting spinach seeds and as soon as the weather warms to an average of 20 F I will set the containers outdoors in a full sun area and plant the organic spinach seed ½ inch under the soil and space 8 inches apart.  When seeds are all planted I will water well.    

Caring for Spinach:

Keep the soil evenly moist but not wet.  If soil should dry out the spinach will have stress and plant will bolt.  Watch for weather that may dip below 15 F.  If weather is extremely cold, cover spinach plants with row covers.

Remember where you have planted spinach with garden markers. Here is one that I like from zazzle.com.

Learn more about sowing spinach seeds in a garden bed by viewing this video

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Attribution: This spinach photo is in the public domain in the United States http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:CDC_spinach1.jpg