Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Autumn Season Gardening

The autumn season  is a busy time for me as I was able to line up a few contracts for garden cleanup, planting mums and as soon as the weather is an average of 64 degrees during the day I will plant the spring bulbs.

The first part of September was warm with temperatures in the high 90’s so I worked only in the mornings.  Basically I got the garden beds ready for planting.  Last week the weather was cooler so I finished the planting of the Chrysanthemums.   This week we have three days of rain which is good for the newly planted mums.

Tomorrow I plan to work in my yard and garden to clean up the garden beds so they are ready for planting in a few weeks.  I bought the spring bulbs crocus Pickwick which look like they were painted with purple stripes on white they will bloom in early spring, and then the 100 narcissus Dutch master bulbs will bloom in mid spring followed the purple grape hyacinth in late spring.

The spring bulbs will be planted in my feature garden that is located next to my sandstone patio.  I can view this patio through my picture window and think the location is perfect.

In addition to planting spring bulbs in feature garden beds I also plan to keep a few narcissus's bulbs in cold storage and force them to bloom.  I want to plant the bulbs in pretty containers and give them as Christmas gifts to my elderly neighbors as the blooms will good cheer for them this winter.

Attribution: Morguefile