Monday, May 23, 2016

Keep Squirrels out of Bird Feeders (How To)

If you are birder then you know that a squirrel at the feeder is not a good thing. They take over the feeder, spilling seed to the ground and do not allow the songbirds access. Even when you buy the feeders with the screen to prevent the squirrel access to the seed, this nuisance rodent will take over the feeder by hanging off the side trying to access the seed.

A photo by Sgolis
I bought Backyard Boys woodwork feeder (shown in this photo) at

My brother has a problem with the squirrels taking over his bird feeders and he traps them and releases them across town where there is a wooded area. Know that this does not solve the problem even thought trappings are done several times a day there are always squirrels at the feeders causing havoc.

Now I am no squirrel expert but knew that we would always have this pesky animal in our yard because we live in a woods with many nut trees which is an attraction for the squirrels. So instead trapping the squirrels my husband and I decided to get the squirrel their own feeder.

We set up a ground feeder with food that is appealing to the squirrel; sunflower seeds, corn, and shelled peanuts. The feeder was set on the ground and 15 feet away from the bird feeders. Know that as long as this feeder is filled with the delicious peanuts, cracked corn and sunflower seeds then the squirrels could care less about the songbird seed in the feeders.

A photo by Sgolis

If you have not tried this wildlife food setup in your yard then know that I do recommend it. We noticed immediately that the squirrels are no longer territorial and chasing off the birds. There is less stress in our yard because we  have happy squirrels that are taking turns at their feeder. Note the blue jays tend to hang out at the squirrel feeder, but there has been no wildlife drama.

In addition to the ground feeders, we have also set up a water source for the squirrels that is separate from the birds. This set up works well because if the squirrel had to use the birds water fountain then they may get distracted and try to get access to the birds food. So separate water fountains for squirrels is a must.
A photo by Sgolis
We bought a small tabletop fountain and set it up in for the squirrels. had some nice fountains for wildlife.

It takes a few days for the wildlife to learn the routine.  But eventually, the squirrels will go to their feeder to eat the succulent peanuts and corn.  Watching the wildlife in your yard is a fun family activity, even your cats will watch from the window and find the animals entertaining.

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