Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Damaged Irises Have NEW Growth: Flower Photographs

Today when I went to look at the irises that were damaged by the lawn mower I was happy to see that some have signs of new growth. 

These backyard irises were damaged when husband cut his corner too close and ran them over with the lawn mower. Know that many of the rhizomes were damages and did die, however some were not as badly damaged and did respond to the immediate care that I gave them.

When the mowing occurred I went to irises aide by applying one inch of compost to the flower bed. Then set up soaking hose to water them with slow drip in the morning. The damage to the irises occurred during the hot summer when there was drought conditions.

 I also treated the garden bed with neem oil extract for spider mites. I used a concentrated formula that you mix with water and spayed the soil at dusk because it is not good to use neem oil in the direct light.

A month after the occurrence I noticed that the irises garden is pest fee and suspect it is due to the neem oil insecticide. I also noticed that the irises have signs of improvement. The leaves that looked sickly are now showing signs of new growth, leaf bud on one of the rhizomes. 

 Granted a few flowers are still struggling to survive and 10 have turned brown and died due to the shock of the lawn mower.  I have not given up. 

 Know that my neighbor has tossed his irises that have had borers into the woods, thinking that they were hopeless and they have survived. We now have wild irises blooming in the woods in the spring, so anything is possible.

Here are some photographs of my irises, all photographs were taken of my personal residence flower gardens.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Outdoor Living Ideas: Creating a Space

Recently one of my online followers emailed a question. They told me that they were following my home and garden sets at my blog and that they did not have a patio or a deck, but instead a large yard and wanted an outdoor space.  They asked me if I had any ideas or suggestions. 
small outdoor living space

 My follower asked if they could create an entertainment or outdoors space where family and friends could sit and enjoy the view of their gardens and lake. I replied, that she could have an appealing outdoor space that she would enjoy for many years.

Know that you can create a space anywhere and that you do not need a patio or a deck. Although it is nice to find an area in your yard that has a nice shade tree, garden overlook or view of the lake.
simple backyard space

You can create a quick space by filling in an area with gravel, mulch or do a stone patio. If you do not want to do that you can buy cobblestone molds and make your own cement walkway to your outdoor space or base for your garden furniture.

Of course, you can always create an area by setting your furniture on the grass, but I would recommend cutting it very short in this area and treating it with an organic insecticide; concentrated spearmint oil or garlic are two products on the market that work very well.
cozy space by the lake

Here are a few outdoor living areas that I designed at polyvore.com. The first one shows a natural setting with outdoor furniture, heating unit and fire pit for ambiance. I accented this set with a variety of autumn throw pillows and a lightweight blanket. All of these products are from my zazzle shop.

Anyone can create a space in their backyard, find the area that has the best view then set up your lawn furniture, add decorations and create a space that is comfortable and has ambiance. Outdoors living will enable you to enjoy nature and you will feel more relaxed.

***You can buy the cobblestone cement molds at Lowes.com and create your own walkway or unique area for your patio furniture. It is a fun DIY landscape improvement project.