Friday, April 30, 2010

Ornamental Grass Garden Ideas

Grow ornamental grasses and you will enjoy a worry and maintenance free garden summer through early spring. Plant grasses in a group setting, as a hedge or as an accent plant, the ornamental grass garden will add interest to your landscape. Design your grass garden site by selecting grasses that will complement each other. For a small yard choose medium size grasses such as Karley Rose mixed with smaller grasses such as Prairie Dropseed. For large yards, choose tall and full grasses such as reed, zebra, reed grass, fountain grass or giant reed grass.

Raised grass garden
giant reed grass

Design your garden by staggering the height of the grasses. Plant the largest grass in the back, plant one medium on the right side and the other medium on the left side. Frame the grass garden with the smaller grasses by planting them in the front. 

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