Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Caring for Christmas Poinsettia

Its the season for the Christmas poinsettia plant for gift giving and home decorating.  The poinsettia is a beautiful plant that comes in a variety of colors; crimson red, pink white or bi- color leaves along with dark green leaves. It is one magnificent plant and is known as the plant of Christmas.

Know if you reside in a mild climate where the average temperate is 55 to 60 at night and the high is 70 degrees Fahrenheit then you can feature this plant outdoors on your porch or in your feature garden. However if you reside in an area where the weather is cold then poinsettia must stay indoors.

Here are some photographs of poinsettia plants; 

Red poinsettia plant by pixabay
Healthy red poinsettia gets plenty of light by window

Red poinsettias grown in outdoor feature garden.

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Here is a crimson red poinsettia plaque that I designed from a photograph. It is a close up that will show you how lovely this plant is. You can buy this plaque at my zazzle shop.

Buying Tips

When you go to buy a poinsettia I would recommend buying a healthy plant that does not have drooping leaves or brown sots as this would be an indication of not adequate water, which would cause the poinsettia to have stress.

Caring for Poinsettia 

Bring your poinsettia home in a covered bag so that it does not get too cold or suffer a cold draft. Remove your poinsettia from the foil holiday pot wrapper and set it on a plant draining saucer. 

 The best location for your poinsettia is in a sunny room where the average temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  Your poinsettia needs an average of six hours of bright light so if you do not have a room that has a lot sun light then set in under a table light. (I do not recommend setting your poinsettia in direct sun light) 

At night poinsettia prefers cooler temperature so a room that is an average temperature of 60 to 70 degrees will keep your Christmas season poinsettia healthy.

Maintain your poinsettia plant by checking the soil daily. Know that poinsettias grow best in soil that is allowed to dry out some in between watering. Test the soil daily to see if the soil is dry by inserting your index finger into he soil about one inch. If soil is dry then water the plant until it drains out the bottom. Let all the water drain from the plant container, but do not set the pot in the water in the saucer. Instead dump the water out.  Poinsettias do not like wet soil.  


Know that my friend resides in  Florida and she does grow her poinsettias outdoors. She told me she planted it in her yard after Christmas in an area where soil was well drained, plus the plant got six hours of  sun daily with part sun in the heat of the day.   Her poinsettia grew into a shapely shrub in her  Florida outdoor garden.

Here is a video where you can learn more about your Christmas Poinsettia.


Martha DeMeo said...

I love Poinsettias, especially the red ones. I may have to try to keep mine going through out the winter and plant in the garden next spring.

Angie said...

I need to try this, I love flowers anytime of the year.