Monday, November 14, 2011

Landscape Trees -Planting and Buying Advice

Buy a healthy redbud tree
Planting a tree is not difficult however buying a healthy tree may be a little tricky.  A tree is an investment and will increase your properties value, so it is important to  buy the right tree for your landscape. 

When it comes to buying a tree for your landscape choose from  tree roots that are wrapped in natural burlap or from trees that are grown in a nursery container. Always buy trees from a quality nursery and check the return policy and tree warranty

I usually buy trees that are wrapped in a natural burlap covering. The wrapped root ball is easier transplant.  There is no need to remove the natural burlap root ball cover because    the roots will grow through the burlap.  This covering does not inhibit growth and because it is natural the burlap will break down in the earth over time. 

Note: Before transplanting a tree that is wrapped in natural burlap (no wax coating) it is best to cut or pull the burlap away from the tree trunk. By doing this you will allow the tree to get air, better hydration and the tree will not become infected with insects.  Some tree experts say to clip the wires that hold the burlap in place others says to leave the wires because the roots grow out of the burlap.  I have planted trees withe the wires intact and I have also cut every other wire
If buying a  tree grown in a container look for a healthy root that is growing outward. An indication would be roots growing out the drain holes of the container. Another way to determine a healthy tree is to look for a full tree or bush with new growth.  A tree with brown leaves or dead branches is an indication that the tree is under stress or infection. 

Removing the tree from a container takes work. You would need to set the container on its side then roll it back and forth to loosen the soil.  Then gently pull the tree out of the container.  Loosen the roots if they are entwined and hydrate the root ball before planting by setting tree in bucket of water or hosing it down.


Buy trees for your landscape in fall or in early spring.  Plant trees in fall a month before    a hard frost.  

Plan on planting the tree in soil that is well drained and in a location that provides the sun/shade requirement.  

Transplant the tree on a cool and cloudy day to prevent unnecessary stress. Water the transplanted trees well.  Continue to water throughout the growing season and in the autumn months if there is no rain. Soil is best if it is evenly moist but not wet.

Here is a video on planting large landscape trees.

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