Sunday, January 20, 2013

Winter Garden Checklist

Late winter is a good time to start making plans for your yard and garden.  Use this time wisely; by making a checklist for all of your garden projects.  Some days in January and February may be warm and I like to use this time to  clean the gardens so they will be ready for planting in spring. Gardening in late winter helps to keep your yard and gardens organized.

In the past I was not for garden checklist.  Last year I did a garden checklist for the fall season and found that it was a good way to stay focused.  The checklist broke down all of the projects that needed to be done and I did not become overwhelmed with the work load.  

 A checklist tells you when to do the task and how to do it from cleaning up the garden beds, pruning the shrubs and sowing the seeds indoors.   

In late winter I make a point to watch the weather forecast.  If there is a warm day then I will plan my work day based on the project on my checklist.  By getting a head start in the yard and garden it enables me to enjoy my flower gardens when spring comes instead of doing cleanup work. 

Late Winter Garden Checklist:

  • Fertilize spring bulbs
  • Prune summer blooming perennial shrubs
  • Prune dormant deciduous vines, fruit and shade trees
  • Remove debris from the gardens and turn over the soil, get the gardens ready for planting
  • Plan my summer garden for vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers
  • Buy seeds and bare root fruit, roses, shrubs and vines
  • Start seeds indoors 

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