Saturday, October 12, 2013

Netherland Bulb Company Product Review

I have been doing business with the Netherland bulb company since 2008 and find that the landscaper wholesale prices are fair, shipping is prompt, and product is good to excellent, with customer service accommodating.

All spring and summer bulbs that I have received had no gray mold or soft spots. I am impressed with the bulbs and the customer service and buy from Netherland Bulb Company annually.
Narcissus Dutch Master

Finding what you want online is easy, you can also order from a wholesale price list catalog.  I normally take my clients orders first then figure out how many bulbs are needed to create their spring gardens. 
Narcissus Dutch Master & Giant Grape Hyacinth

For me it is easier to fill out the order form from the catalog before ordering online. Before placing an order I will contact my client to let them know about special sales or any bulb collections that may be available then I will order the bulbs online.
Crocus Pickwick

Netherland Bulb Company is the nursery that supplies the spring bulbs for Untied States of America Whitehouse gardens.  The gardens are exquisite so that will confirm the quality of the bulbs sold at the Netherland Bulb Company.

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