Friday, March 7, 2014

Pruning Japanese Honeysuckle Vines – Early Spring Cleanup

Today was warm and I worked outdoors cleaning up the river rock wall by pruning the Japanese honeysuckle vines.  Last year the vines had not been pruned and they became invasive.

I like the honeysuckle because in the summer when the flowers bloom they attract hummingbirds and honey bees but if they are not trimmed back they will take over the river rock wall.  Here is a photograph of the honeysuckle that has grown in too thickly on the rock wall.
Japanese Honeysuckle on River Rock Wall
Japanese honeysuckle on river rock wall

I used an extended handle hedge shears to cut the massive vines that had grown in so thickly and to protect my hands I wore heavy duty pigskin yard work gloves with knit wrist.  When pulling vines you need to protect your hands otherwise they can get cut.  

Pruned honeysuckle
Pruned Japanese honeysuckle on river rock wall
I got the river rock column cleared by cutting the vines away and I also cleared four feet of vines from the wall.  Once the vines were removed I raked away the leaves that were embedded into the vines.   I am happy that I took on this early spring yard cleanup job because by pruning the vines from the rock wall I will also be discouraging the snakes from taking refuge.

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