Thursday, April 10, 2014

Testing Soil to Determine Right Grass Seed for Lawn

Before you can grow a lush green lawn I recommend that you know what type of soil you have.  Grass seed is formulated to grow in specific soil types and if you want a lawn that will be admired by all then test your soil.  

combination lawn; sun and shade
Choose grass seed blend for combination lawn; sun and shade

I would recommend that you buy a soil test kit to check the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium pH levels.  I you can buy and inexpensive kit at, or any garden center; Lowes and Home Depot also sell soil test kits.  

Know that if your soils pH is 6.0 to 7.0 then you are in good shape because you have the perfect soil for growing a lush green lawn.    When you know your pH level you will be able to shop for the right grass seed for your lawn. 


View this video to learn how to test your soil pH

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