Sunday, August 10, 2014

Gardening to Relieve Stress: Great Therapy

In my desire to rid my body of stress I put on my gardening gloves and went outdoor to do some hand pulling of weeds in the flower garden.  Being outdoors and being productive is a good way to cleanse your body of any negative energy and anxiousness.

While I was gardening I could watch the birds at the ground feeder and in the distance I saw groundhog posing on the river rock.   The garden was alive with wildlife and with biting bugs which I found took away from the good feelings I was getting from the garden.

My garden after a day of removing weeds

Whenever I perspire it seems the gnats go for my eyes and they are aggravating.  I sprayed myself with deep woods off before going outdoors but I do not spray my face.  So I went and got my protective glasses that I wear when I am painting or doing other home improvement projects.  The glasses worked but then my ankle felt itchy and sure enough there was a tick crawling on me.

The bugs in the garden were going against my stress free therapy so I went to the shed to look for the natural pest control that I got at and found that the mosquito and other biting insects barrier was empty so I went inside and put some diatomaceous earth food grade in a powder sugar shaker and then went back to the garden to dust the gardens with the natural pest control.
Diatomaceous earth food grade safely rids garden of biting bugs
Normally it takes 20 minute for the DE food grade to kill any ticks, fleas, chiggers, mites and ants that may be lurking in the garden.   By tomorrow morning the garden pest will be gone and I can resume my gardening therapy to get rid of stress.

I really love gardening especially when I need to overcome stress or feeling of anxiousness, but hate when the bugs bite me and make me feel itchy.

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