Monday, May 16, 2016

Colonial Home Front Yard Landscape Project

Last week I designed a side yard landscape for a client with a colonial home and she thought it was perfect. This week she has sent me a photograph of her entire house and asked me to have a look at it, then update her landscape with an artist rendering or digital design. The artist rendering is really detailed, I do not use software and costs more than a digital design. The client who owns the colonial house agreed that digital landscape ideas would be fine.

So the client sent me several photographs and videos of her house.  Out of the 10 photographs sent to me. this was the best of all of them. I am not certain if I can work with this photo since the one side of the yard where there looks like there are shrubs is cut off. But will give it a go and will share whatever I come up with here.

View last week's landscape here.

This is the colonial split level house that I will digitally design landscape and hopefully create curb appeal that my customer will love.

It took me five hours to landscape this home.  I raised both sides of the gardens, then showed plantings of evergreen shrubs, lily turf and perennial flowering herbs in the background.  Also added rock borders and  stone walkway that is outlined with  liriope.   Added an urn planter by the front door for interest.  The client can shop for all products used in this landscape design at

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