Saturday, March 19, 2011

Old-Fashioned Lilacs Growing Tips

Grow old-fashioned lilac's and you will enjoy fragrant flowers every spring.  This spring-blooming flowering shrub will grow in your yard for many generations provided that you meet it's growing requirements.  


I love my lilacs and in the spring when the flowers bloom the fragrance is wonderful.   Over the years I have taken many photographs of my lilac blooms and turned those photographs into greeting cards.  Here is one of my favorites, it shows you how pretty the flowers really are.

Know that growing the lilacs and getting blooms such as the ones in the photo card that it will take several years. So I recommend that you buy a nursery grown shrub to plant in your yard.

Here are som growing tips

  1. You can grow the old-fashioned lilac as a flowering hedge and it will provide privacy as the lilac will grow to 15 feet in height with a 12-foot spread.   
  2. Select a growing site that offers full sun with well-drained soil.  The roots of the lilac are deep and prefer to not be wet so plant on the top of a hill or in an area where the water drains well. 
  3. Plant the old-fashioned lilac in the spring after the threat of frost has passed.  
  4. If you purchase a lilac from the nursery gently remove from the container.  Hydrate the roots by filling a large bucket with tepid water.  
  5. Set the lilac root ball in the water for a half hour.  While the roots are hydrating prepare your planting site. 
  6. Loosen the soil with your shovel and amend the soil with compost or manure.  
  7. Dig a hole that is the same depth and width as the lilac container. 
  8. Plant the lilac when it is hydrated.  Set the root ball in the center hole and fill the hole up with soil.  
  9. Water well.

Hand pull weeds then apply 4 inches of mulch

Caring for Lilacs

  1. Keep the growing site weed free. 
  2. Apply 3 to 4 inches of mulch around the base of the lilac.  The mulch will help to retain moisture and discourage weed growth.  
  3. In early spring remove the mulch and apply compost or manure around your lilac shrub. This is a natural way to fertilize your flowering shrub.
  4. Reapply the mulch after you add the compost or manure. 

Other Garden Tips 

The Old-Fashioned Lilac is easy to grow.  If the summer is hot and humid you may see aphids, if so treat with organic pesticide or release 1500 ladybugs into the yard.  Ladybugs are a natural way to remove aphids from your garden.  

  • Remove spent flowers
  • Prune or shape annually after lilac has flowered
  • Butterflies and hummingbirds will visit your yard when the lilacs bloom
  • Hardy in growing zones 3-7 

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