Sunday, April 5, 2015

Getting Vegetable Garden Ready for Planting

A few weeks back I planted my cold season vegetables in the greenhouse and all are now ready to be transplanted. Normally I plant my lettuce in March but this past winter has been extreme and has set me back in planting my cold season vegetables.
Now it is April and weather is warmer with no snow in forecast so I got busy with getting the vegetable garden ready for planting the seedlings.
Things to do:
  1. Removed the cardboard that was on top of the garden.  
  2. Rake away the natural mulch, leaves from under the cardboard
  3. Take away the newspaper that set on top of the soil
  4. These layers helped to nourish the soil and encouraged worms to aerate the soil.
  5. Pull out any weeds or grasses that are growing
  6. Till the top six inches of the vegetable garden bed.

Now that this chore is completed I can sow my transplant my spinach, peas, carrots lettuce and cabbage into the outdoor vegetable garden.


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