Monday, May 4, 2015

Earthwise Chainsaw with Pole Product Review

A few months ago I was shopping at and came across a lightweight chainsaw that came with a pole.  I watched the product video that featured a women using the  chainsaw and thought I can cut back dead tree limbs and overgrown shrubs if she can.  So I ordered this chainsaw and let me tell you I love it.

I no longer have to ask my husband trim this branch or cut down the overgrown shrub that is blocking the sunlight.  I get out my 8  inch Earthwise 6.5 amp 2 in 1 chainsaw and get the job done.

Today there was a serviceberry tree growing next to my lily garden and it was blocking the light so I cut down this 11 foot tree in a matter of minutes.  Know that I was a gardener that was  pleased with herself, for doing the project herself and not asking my husband to cut the tree back.

I think this earthwise chainsaw is a must have for gardener, landscaper or homeowner.  It is so easy to use, you plug it into a outdoor two prong extension cord and then press a button.  No more smelly gas fumes, is good for your health and environment.

Here is a video that will show you how easy this chainsaw is to put together and use.   Know that my husband will grab my Earthwise chainsaw first before he grabs his.  He says it is so easy to use, plus light as a feather.

Here is the video from that sold me on this small chainsaw.  It is perfect for the women who likes to  take care of yard and garden.

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