Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Vinegar Weed Killer Tips and Warnings

Recently I published a post about using the vinegar and ultra dawn dish soap formula to kill the weeds and grasses growing in between my garden path stepping stones. I shared this post on Facebook and many of my gardening friends asked questions.

I will be answering these question here.

Why use vinegar and dawn ultra dish soap and not roundup?

White vinegar is an acid and the dawn ultra dish soap is what holds the acid on your weeds leaves and stem. The acid kills the weed but does not kill the earth worms. Roundup is a chemical and kills the weeds to the root and every good garden insect that crosses its path. In addition roundup is not safe to use around pets.

How often do you have to apply the vinegar weed killer?

The white vinegar weed kill formula should be used on a hot sunny day. Spray the weed by saturating it with the vinegar.  You will see the weed dying back in a few hours, the leaves and stems will turn brown. 

 Now provided your summers are dry then you will not need to reapply, you may have to spot check the area for new weed grown once a week and treat any new growth with the vinegar.  Now if it rains or and the are that was treated with the vinegar formula gets wet from sprinklers, then the formula will be weakened and the weeds will grow back quickly.

Can I use in my flowerbeds are around trees?

I would not recommend using any weed kill in your flower garden areas for fear that it might come in contact with a plant that you do not want to kill. Know that I have used this weed kill on weeds growing close to a mature Oak tree and had no problems but I would net use in the same area as a young tree.

This vinegar and ultra dawn soap weed kill does work if used as directed and is not weakened from rain or otter water source.

Do I have to buy a brand name for the distilled white vinegar? No brand name is needed in fact I would recommend that you buy Walmart.com Great Value which is the store brand and is always less then other top brands. Buy whatever is on sale as long as it is distilled white vinegar you will be in good shape or transplanted tree or shrub. 

Does the vinegar smell last long?

When the vinegar is mixed with the dawn ultra dish soup the smell is weakened and is not as pungent as straight vinegar. I noted that the smell was gone within a few hours.

Those are some of the questions that I was asked, if you have any further questions then please leave a comment and I will reply.

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