Thursday, September 29, 2016

Plant Food Plot Seeds and Deer Will Come

This morning a doe deer brought her fawn to my yard. I could view them from my picture window and noted that their winter coat had grown in. There were three deer in my yard when I went to get my camera when I returned to the window I found more deer grazing at the food plot that I grew from seed.

Read how to grow a deer food plot here

There was movement from behind the cypress tree and assumed it was another doe, but to my surprise, it was a young buck with antlers. I was so excited to see the buck with antlers in my yard and was certain that this was his herd. The young buck was six feet from my window and was aware of my presence because he snorted and stomped his hooves. My husband told me to step away from the window slowly because a territorial buck could come through the window.

Granted I was too close for comfort and did step back. I took some photographs from the window.  

Here is an art set that I created that shows you what my side yard looks like and how the deer forage for plants, branches, leaves and berries in the forest.

White-tailed Deer in Autumn

White-tailed Deer in Autumn by sgolis 

Do you love deer in or near your yard ? The deer food plot seeds that I planted was easy to do I bought a product at that required little work, it was throw and grow. You plant in the spring and in the fall and this will enable you to view deer in your yard all year.  
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