Friday, December 30, 2016

Garden Accessories that Hide Your Spare Key

Garden accessories may add interest to your garden, however, some accessories have another benefit because they conceal your house key. These useful accessories are eye appealing and will save you money because if you become locked out of your house you will not have to call a locksmith.
Hide key here, learn how to bellow

Many people have gone outdoors to get the newspaper in their robe and slippers then find that the door closed behind them and they are locked out. If somebody is home then there is no problem but what if you are home alone?

This morning when I went out to walk the dog I purposely left the side door open because I had no intention of leaving the yard. Yet when I returned I found the door locked. While I was on the other side of the house my husband locked the door and went to work. I was locked out without my phone or a spare key. What a situation I was in, my phone inside, my neighbor with spare key out of town. I had two choices; break into the house or walk a mile in my pajamas to next neighbors house.

Had I bought the discrete garden accessories that had a secret compartment
for my house key I would be able to get back inside easily.

I shopped online at and found just what I needed. I like the synthetic rocks and other garden accessories for concealing your spare key. But think if I had a waterproof key-box that I could hide it anywhere outdoors.

How to Hide your Outdoor Spare Key
Conceal key in a sprinkler head.  Learn more at step 5 bellow

  1. Shop for a outdoor box for you key.  Insert the key in the box.  Make sure it is sealed before hiding the key box in the garden.  Choose a planter then dig a shallow hole, set the key-box flush with the soil and cover with mulch.
  2. Hide the key-box in patio furniture. Unzip a seat cushion or pillow and put the key-box inside.
  3. Buy landscape rocks that are made to conceal keys. Hide the key underneath the rock in the special compartment. Then set rock around flower or other plant containers. Create a rock display on your porch, patio or garden.
  4. Use gorilla brand tape to adhere the key-box to the backside or bottom of patio furniture. Make sure this furniture is flush with the wall.
  5. Hide your key in a sprinkler head, Trademark Global makes this discrete product for you spare key and you can shop for it at
Hide spare key in planters

Hope these ideas are helpful to you. My husband says the best way to not get locked out is to check the door before going outdoors. But you know as well as I do accidents do happen.

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