Sunday, March 5, 2017

Outdoor Decor for Your Deck

Decks come in a variety of sizes and people will decorate them with mix and match patio furniture, or they will use their deck as an outdoor living room and decorate with patio furniture and outdoor and accessories.

There are many ways to add decor to your decks. Simple modifications can be added to improve ambiance or you can go all out with an outdoor fireplace. When you add decor to your deck you will see it come alive. This area will be appealing to the eye and welcoming to your family and friends.

Lovely Rattan table but this deck needs some decor

Decorate the seating area on deck with outdoor pillows. Throw pillows with a color pattern that will compliment the cushions on my patio set. These pillows will make the outdoor space more comfortable and eye appealing.

Another way to decorate your deck is to set up a free standing or table top fountain (with or without lights) 
Adding outdoor throw pillow make chair more inviting

The background sound of water cascading down the rocks will help you to relax. When the nights are cool you may want to warm up next to an outdoor fireplace. I found an Outdoor Sonoma Gas Fireplace Surround at and it would look fantastic on a deck with cozy seating area close by.  

Another way to decorate your deck and add ambiance is to grow aromatic herbs in containers. A container garden on the deck is appealing, fragrant with pretty flowers. Choose a variety of aromatic herbs and also grow herbs that repel mosquito and other insects.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to change the look of your deck. Here are some decks that I designed. I hope that they inspire you to decorate.

Outdoor Living - Green Accent Pillows

Blue Theme Outdoor Decor and Furniture

Blue Theme Outdoor Decor and Furniture by sgolis featuring cotton throw pillows

Amazing Deck Decor

Amazing Deck Decor by sgolis featuring glass top end tables

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