Monday, January 16, 2017

Cover Ground with Evergreen Vines

For yards that have a woodland setting or area where nothing else will grow, then I would recommend covering the ground with evergreen vines. When the vines grow in the erosion will be controlled, the area will look eye appealing and you husband will no longer have to cut back the brush or mow the lawn. All of your landscape problems will be solved.
My garden photo of spring blooming vinca minor vine
Baltic Ivy grown on rock wall 
Evergreen vines that are grown as ground cover
Vines are good for large areas where you plant and forget them. When they grow in you can use a grass trimmer to manicure them. This is a good way to keep the vines controlled. Vines are a low maintenance plant. 

My side yard back up the woods and I have planted periwinkle a common name for Vinca Minor along my garden path. This vine filled in quickly and I like it because it is evergreen and has a pretty purple flower in the spring.

Another vine that I like is Baltic ivy. Baltic is evergreen and does grow in quickly. Of course, it will also grow up trees and choke out weeds. The periwinkle is less invasive, in fact, I grow daffodils and other spring bulbs among the periwinkle vines.

Here is a video that will tell you more about vinca minor.

Wildflower Garden Ideas

There is a meadow located on the south side of my home and wildflowers and switch grass grows there. In the spring I will plant red clover and zinnias so that the wildlife will have food and flowers will bloom in late summer. 
Garden path designed by Sgolis

I love this wildflower garden but would like to update it with a rock wall and garden gate. I like the idea of creating a space that is secret or private as if it was a sanctuary for animals and people to rest and relax.

Garden Ideas

Growing the garden is not difficult. You would plan the location for wildflowers. Then till the area that provides the plants with proper growing recommendations. The wildflowers that I grow need full to part sun and well-drained soil. Before you buy flower seed read the growing requirements, then you will know what part of your yard is best for growing wildflowers.
Coneflowers and Daises a photo of my garden
Garden path created by cutting this area low to the ground with grass trimmer.
Transplants growing nicely in the garden

Amend the soil if needed I always like to mix compost because it will enrich the soil with nutrients. Plant seeds or seedling then add a thin layer of straw.

Then create a garden path. One way to create path is to use your grass trimmer or lawnmower to cut down the grass low to the ground. Then cover this are with landscape weed control fabric. Top this with mulch, or gravel.

I recommend a spring planting of flower seeds because of the rains that come during this season. Seedlings need to be watered and ground evenly moist but not wet. The rain will provide the wildflower plants with ample hydration and a good start at being healthy.

Buy wildflower seeds in bulk, shop for the flowers that will grow best in your growing zone. Shop for wildflower seeds at online at

Here is set that I designed of a wildflower garden.

Countryside Garden

Countryside Garden by sgolis featuring garden decor

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