Monday, March 15, 2010

Zinnia Flowers for Sun Gardens

Zinnia flowers are the perfect choice for sun gardens as these flowers like it hot and will brighten your yard and garden from summer to fall. 

Every year I shop online at and will buy seeds in bulk if they are avaialbe.  I grow zinnia flowers in the masses because they remind me of growing up and picking the flowers from my Dad's garden.

Zinnia flowers have a long bloom time and  they are a maintenance free flower that provides repeat blooms that brightens my gardens. 

As a kid I recall seeing the zinnias growing along the side of our chain link fence and they did flourish.  There was some afternoon part shade that prevented them from baking in the 100+ temperatures.   

I like the way the zinnias look when they are grown as a border along a fence but I have a wood fence and need to grow the zinnia  two to three feet away from the wood fence to make sure flowers get adequate air flow. 

One way to plant zinnias is to plant them in a garden with purple coneflowers or scarlet red bee balm.  The purple and red are eye appealing contrast colors that will accent your zinnia flowers.

Another way to grow zinnias is to plant them in containers.  As long as you meet zinnias growing requirements; full sun, hot weather, well drained soil, and watered in the morning at the soil level with drip irrigation then you can grow zinnias easily from seed.

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Planting zinnias by growing the flower seed indoors on a sunny windowsill or under a grow light. When the zinnia seedlings are three inches in height, and the danger of spring frosts has passed then transplant them outside.
Grow  Zinnia CALIFORNIA GIANT Flower From Seed

Caring for Zinnias

Apply one inch of mulch around the stem to help aid in moisture control and to deter weeds.  
Care for zinnias by watering them in the morning with drip irrigation as it is not wise to get water on the leaves.  
Plant zinnias in an area where there is good air flow. Zinnias are susceptible to powdery mildew.

Learn more about growing zinnia flowers from seed by viewing this garden tips video:

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