Thursday, March 4, 2010

Conserve Water in Your Yard

During the heat of summer when the thermostat is soaring well into to the nineties one will water their yard and gardens twice daily. 

While the gardens are flourishing and your neighbors may be complimenting you on your grass and flowerbeds, your water bill has crossed over to the danger zone. Your first reaction to offset a costly water bill would be to cut out useless water usage. You may stop watering your yard daily and depend on nature to water your yard; however, this may mean that your grass, gardens and prized flowers and vegetables may dry up and die. Before taking such drastic measures, you may want to consider these useful tips on how to conserve water in your yard.

Where I reside the summer months are brutal, many days peak at over 100 degrees and it is impossible to keep many plants hydrated.  A few years ago I installed a dripline watering system and find it to be the best way to water my plants, shrubs and flowers.  The dripline flows at the soil line and that is where the water is needed as the water seeps into the soil and gets to the roots. I have my dripline on a timer and set it to start watering at 6 am and to stop watering at 7am.  By watering early in the day enables the water to get to the roots and not to evaporate.  The dripline watering system has helped me to save energy as I am not watering twice a day.  

Conserving water is always on the top of my to do list as water is costly and during the summer months we have drought conditions.  In the spring I make a point of collecting the spring rain water.  I have several rain barrels that I place directly under the gutter down spout.  When one barrel is full I move it and set up another.  Collecting rain water in a barrel is good way to water your flower and vegetable gardens. 

Note:  Water your grass when needed. Do this by stepping on your grass, when you remove your foot and the grass stays flat to the ground then water your grass in the early morning. 

View youtube video for more tips on conserving water in your yard and garden:



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