Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Prevent Autumn Leaf-Mold Allergies

I am allergic to autumn leaves, primarily the mold content that forms on the leaves. Spring and fall are my busy times in the yard however both seasons make me ill from allergies. 

If you suffer from allergies then beware of breathing in the fresh autumn air. The crisp autumn air with the fresh scent has particles from fallen leaves, ragweed and mold spores and these irritants are allergy triggers.

If you suffer from an allergic reaction while you are working in a yard and garden it will make your day miserable. 

Over the years I learned how to control my autumn allergies. My allergist told me to avoid outdoor  when the wind is blowing and on days where that are damp with no sunshine. 

If I must be outdoors I try to plan my activity wisely by watching the weather in my area and I note the pollen count.  I find that after there is a hard rain that I have no allergy symptoms.  The rain has a cleansing affect on the environment. 

Sometimes I work around the peak allergen days by staying inside and work on my garden designs, other times I will mask to cover your nose and mouth and I will take  a natural antihistamine to control allergy symptoms.  

Of course there is always a client that wants their gardens cleaned up on a high pollen day and then I will wear a respirator mask, spray my nose and take natural allergy medication. If you suffer from autumn leaf allergies you need to take steps to control your symptoms otherwise you will miss a beautiful season and lost income.

It is helpful to rinse your nose when you come indoors.  The rinse will remove all allergens from your nasal passages and will help your to breath better.

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