Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spring Bulb Container Tips

A spring bulb container garden is a nice way to welcome guests to your home. Container gardens are a good choice for people who have a small yard or live in apartments; you can easily grow a variety of spring bulbs to enjoy even if you have limited space.  Bulb container gardens are easy to maintain, all you need is a container with drainage, potting soil, bulb fertilizer, water and sunshine.   


Choose a container that meets your needs; ample room for your flowers to grow and water drainage holes.  You will also need a high quality potting soil and fertilizer.

Buy spring bulbs from online nurseries or from your local garden store.  If you shop online always buy the plant that has the highest rating and approving customer reviews.  Choose an eye appealing bulb arrangement for your container, some people like to grow all the same spring flowers; red tulips, yellow daffodils, fragrant hyacinths and cheerful crocus mix.  While others grow a variety of spring blooming flowers; red Impression, golden Apeldoorn and Daydream orange tulips will look stunning when grown with purple muscari or a daffodils grown with white wood hyacinths or paperwhites.

When planning your spring bulb containers consider all the growing stages of spring, such as early, mid, and late spring bulbs. For a container garden for a full season of color, you should purchase a few varieties of spring bulbs such as: daffodils, tulips, or grape hyacinth and crocus. 


Plant the bulbs at the right depth, the general rule is double the size of your bulb and that is how deep you would plant it.

Grow bulb containers indoors on a southern windowsill or you can grow with artificial lights.

Make several bulb containers and keep them over winter in your greenhouse.  In spring when the flowers begin to grow give the container gardens to friends and family as gifts or sell them at farmers market or church bazaar. Growing spring bulb containers for profit would be a great part time business. 

Learn more about growing bulbs in containers by viewing this You Tube video:

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