Saturday, October 23, 2010

Backyard Bird Habitat - Plants That Attract Birds

This morning I observed birds flying in an aggressive manner; feathers plumped, squawking excessively, swooping and circling.  The reason for the alarm was brought on by the roar of the chainsaw.  

50 feet from my home I viewed men cutting down mature oak trees.  These Bluejay birds  were angry because the trees had been a nesting area for decades and was part of the bird’s habitat.  

There is no way that I can stop the change of the bird habitat however; I can offer the birds a safe haven that will provide shelter, food and water. I will continue to grow my backyard bird habitat by planting trees for nesting, wind break, flowers for birdseed, fruit bearing trees and shrubs. 

Photograph of my yard and plants:

My bird habitat consists of:

Ornamental Grasses
Black-eyed Susan
Sugar Maple Tree
Black Walnut, Pecan and Oak 
Elderberry and Nanking Cherry 
Crabapple Tree

Presently the forest birds are under stress but hopefully in a few days they will find refuge at my backyard bird habitat.  



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