Thursday, October 21, 2010

Natural Rose Air Freshener

  Make a natural rose air freshener from rose buds that you find in your garden or use petals from floral arrangements.  I grow roses so whenever I need an air freshener I can pick the roses buds from my garden.  Not all roses have the same scent so choose your roses based on scent and then mix them with fragrant herbs like lemon balm or lavender.  A natural rose air freshener is good for you, your family and your pets.

This morning I was out looking at my gardens and noticed that a few of my roses still have blooms. I decided to pick all of the rose buds and petals and to prepare for potpourri and rosewater spray.

It is a good idea to freshen the air in your home with the natural rose fragrance as it is better for your family. The store bought fresheners may have a fragrant scent and they do control odors, however they are made from chemicals.  The natural rose does not release chemicals into the air, making the natural rose freshener healthier for my family and home.  Plus the scent of the rose stimulates an area in your brain which stores happy thoughts and memories. Everyone who takes in the rose scent will naturally feel happy.

If you are interested in making a natural rose air freshener then it is best to use fresh rose petals. Fresh petals have a more potent fragrance and are not tainted with chemicals to make their blooms last longer.  Keep in mind that the rosebuds that are almost fully open but not quite are the best petals for a potpourri.

Instructions for rose petal potpourri.  
Cut roses with a long stem..  The rose should be almost open but not fully open.  Dry the roses by tying several stems together with a string.  Hang the roses from the sting and allow them to dehydrate in a cool and dry area for two weeks.  After two weeks check to see if the rose petals are dry, if so place the dried rose petals in a glass rose bowl. Add a few drops of essential rose oil and mix well. Complete your potpourri mixture when you are satisfied with the fragrance.  Fill decorative glass bowls or jars with the potpourri. 

View the video bellow for rose water recipe.  

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As usual Susan, your article is absolutely perfect. I just love your knowledge of plants.