Saturday, June 11, 2011

Growing Cosmos From Seed is Easy

 The cosmos flower is a good choice for beginner gardener as well as intermediate and master gardeners who desire a summer flower that will add color to garden after other flowers have spent.  These vibrant beauties certainly put on a color show and they are very easy to grow from seed.

I planted cosmos flower seeds outdoors on a sunny day in late spring.  My cosmo garden is in a location where it gets morning sun, part sun in the heat of the day and part sun in the late afternoon. The flower gets six hours of sun per day and is healthy with vibrant blooms

To provide drainage the cosmos were planted on a slight slope on my side yard.  The soil in this area is rich with organic matter. Normally I take care in the way I plant but I was in a hurry so I literally tossed the seeds into a new bed and then planted them where the seeds landed by covering the seeds with a half inch of potting soil and a light layer of mulch.

I cared for the seeds by watering them so that the ground was evenly most but not wet.
We had an unusual spring as the days were cool well into May and there was flash flooding. I was certain that the seeds were washed away. However 21 days later I viewed new growth.  Cosmo seedlings were pushing upward through the soil.

cosmo flowers
If you are a beginner gardener and would like to grow an easy flower from seed then I would recommend growing cosmos. They are beautiful bedding flowers that are easy to maintain provided you water them regularly and do not let the soil dry out. 

Fertilize your cosmos monthly throughout the growing season.  I use miracle grow mixed with water. The hose end fertilizer is a good choice. 

The cosmo will bloom throughout fall as long as there is sun and no freeze. 

Learn more about cosmos by viewing this YouTube video


Nature Smiles said...

Great blog! Cosmos flowers are fantastic. They really are one of the best from seed. Thanks!

Sgolis said...

Nature Smile: Thanks for your comment. I never grew cosmos before this year. Now I will grow them every season. They are the perfect flower to add color to your garden. Plus they a good cut flower also.