Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vintage Gardens of 1928 Home

spring rock garden
The gardens that are located on my property date back to 1928, they were designed by a professional gardener who built the home.  

The original garden designer landscaped the entire yard by  planting several different level gardens.  

She moved the earth by hand and  installed cement blocks for the steps and  red brick walkways. These steps go to the upper gardens and to the lower gardens.  

Wrapped around the gardens is a privacy river rock wall with stately columns at the garden entrance. 

It took the original owner of the home many years to complete the gardens and the rock wall as all of the rocks needed to come from the creek bed.  

My elderly neighbors tell me how she brought the rocks up a steep hill from the creek bed by wagon and worked on the wall by hand.

Since 1928 there have been four property owners and each of the homeowners have enjoyed gardening.  All have contributed in one way or another to enhance the beauty of the landscape.  

I moved into the home in 2004 and my contribution was designing and installing a flagstone patio and walkway, a red brick patio, a stone garden path, capstone paths.  

 I also added several new gardens; garden mint, daylily, ornamental grasses, hosta, irises, herb, vegetable, woodlan, wildlife and a rose garden.  I planted a wildlife habitat in the side yard and there I grow wildlife forage, wildflowers and switchgrass .   

Along with the wildlife gardens my husband and I installed tree small ponds.

I love residing in a home that has history especially when it pertains to the garden. 
Here are photographs of the gardens..

Spring Flower Gardens:

Summer Flower and Herb Gardens


The Wildlife Habitat

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