Monday, October 15, 2012

Hiring Tips for Gardener - Private Residence

Many people like the idea of having a beautiful garden but find that the weekly maintenance is too much work especially if they are working out of the home.  Deadheading the plants, checking for pests, weeding and watering is time that must be spent in the garden weekly.  If you are short on time then it is wise to hire a gardener. 

Choosing the right service provider for your garden will take some time as you will need to determine which candidate meets your garden needs.  You will want a gardener that has reports to work on time, has a good work appearance, manages time well and is self motivated. 

Hire a gardener that is dedicated and is knowledgeable in their profession.

Determine your gardens needs. Make up a checklist and then you will know if you will need a gardener once or twice a week or an estate gardener that works five days a week.

Basic Gardener's Checklist
  1. Weeding; pull weeds from all of the gardens.
  2. Deadhead all spent blooms. 
  3. Put seed in envelope, mark the outside of the envelope the type of seed.  File seed in garden shed.
  4. Check all gardens for pests.  
  5. Remove garden pests by treating the area Diatomaceousearth food grade dusting.
  6. Fertilize flowers monthly during the blooming season
  7. Prune dead branches from shrubs and plants.
  8. Apply mulch to the gardens, around the shrubs and the trees.
  9. Water the lawn and gardens once a week with 1 inch of water.
  10. Water all flowers, coleus and hosta, and container gardens so that soil is evenly moist..

Network Your Community for Reliable Gardeners.
Ask your neighbors and friends about their gardeners.  It is always best to hire a gardener that comes highly recommended.  Another way to find a reliable gardener is to contact the master gardeners in your area.  If you have a lawn service provider you could ask them if they know of a skilled gardener.  They may work with a gardener or know of one.


  • Meet with the gardener face to face and walk through your yard.  Ask them for their work background and for three references.  Call all references to discuss the gardener’s performance.  
  • Decide if you want to hire the gardener with a contract.  Hire them for a specific job and agree on the costs or pay them hourly. 

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