Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fertilize Flower Gardens (How To)

Flowers that grow from bulbs are easy to care for provided you give them what they need.  Plant them in full sun and well drained soil and every spring when they start to come up  feed them with organic fertilizer and bonemeal. 

Mix fertilizer in wheelbarrow

Attribution: Freerangestock.com
The best way to fertilize your spring bulbs is to mix the fertilizer in your wheelbarrow. Mix 8 lbs of compost with 3 lbs of bone meal and if you have a fire pit then add some wood ash to the mix.  

Take your shovel and mix all together well.  Use your shovel to add the fertilizer to the bulb gardens and then rake gently to spread over the entire bed. 

This fertilizer mixture will provide nourishment to an 80 foot flower or spring bulb garden. Water after you add the compost fertilizer to the garden. 


  1. If your spring is dry then water your spring bulb garden once a week. Provide the plants with 1 inch of water and the roots will be hydrated.
  2. After your spring bulbs bloom do not cut off the spent blooms, instead allow the bulbs to collect the nutrients that they need and die back naturally.  Bulbs usually collect nutrients from the sun and soil in the spring and die back in early summer.
  3. Spread this fertilizer around your spring blooming shrubs and plants.  Your lilacs and peonies will benefit from this spring fertilizer.

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