Saturday, August 24, 2013

Late Summer Flowers are Blooming

Today when I walked in the garden I saw that there were only a few late summer flowers blooming; belladonna lilies, four O’clocks, toad lilies and the sweet autumn clematis. When these flowers bloom I know that the summer season is coming to an end and that the fall mums will start to bloom soon.

The toad lilies remind me of dainty orchids.  They are such an exotic looking flower but have no fragrance.  They grow amongst my Hosta plants and their beauty brightens the shade garden.

The fragrance in the garden today was glorious.  The sweet scent of the belladonna mixed with the vanilla scent of the clematis and the sweet scent of the four O'clocks  attracted wildlife; bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.  They were all busy buzzing around in the yard. 

I spent a few hours in the yard, watching the light and when it was just right I took some photographs.  If you like flowers as much as I do, then I know you will enjoy these photographs of my late summer garden flowers.

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