Monday, August 26, 2013

Working in Yard Opens Door for New Business

While working in my yard last week a neighbor stopped by to view the yellow mums that I had planted along my front walkway and remarked at how pretty they looked.   I took her remark as an opening where I could offer my gardening business card and speak to her about my services. 

The conversation changed to her yard and she asked me if I could plant yellow mums along her front walk also.  Along with my planting services, I also informed the pending client that I could purchase the mums for her, transport 30 mums to her yard and along with planting I would mulch, set up a soaking hose on a timer fall for or one fee.    I told her I would draw up a contract and drop it off to her the following day. 

Today I got a call back and the client agreed to the terms.  My services meant that the client need not do anything except water the newly planted mum and then enjoy their beauty in the fall.

I have been fortunate because all of my gardening clients have come by way of word of mouth and from handing out my business card to my neighbors.

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