Friday, June 6, 2014

Preventing Bug Bites While Gardening

My side yard hosta garden
If I was ever going to enjoy the garden again I knew I would have to  take steps to prevent the bugs from biting me.  This year the biting bugs; mosquito, chiggers, ticks and fleas  have taken the fun out of gardening. Two days ago while doing a hand pull in my hosta garden I was bitten by, several bugs.

I was so itchy that I stopped what I was doing and ran inside to take a hot shower with Yardley of London antibacterial hand soap, flowering English lavender herbal scent.  The hot soapy shower killed the germs and safely removed the roaming chiggers from my skin and lessened itchy mosquito and other bug bites.

Normally I spray myself before going out to garden with deep woods off but I know that with the wildlife; deer, raccoon, skunk, wild turkey, groundhog, coyote and bobcat coming into my yard that there are probably other biting bugs lurking.

I decided to address the bugs in my yard and garden by treating my entire yard with a concentrated garlic formula that will safely kill and repel mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, chiggers and some wildlife from my yard. I found an all-natural product at MOSQUITO BARRIER – LIQUID SPRAY REPELLENT -1 GALLON.  I read the reviews and they were favorable plus I liked that it was natural 100% garlic and would not harm my family or my pets.

Granted this organic pest control costs more but I will tell you it is worth it.  There is a garlic smell and it is potent but the smell is what repels and kills the biting bugs and you get used to it.

There are other mosquito solutions to consider if you would like to learn more then check out my article How to Prevent Mosquitoes in Your Yard | Pest Control |


jp carlos said...

Organic is still best for me.

S Golis said...

I agree with you, chemicals harm the Eco system, kill the worms, and the honeybees plus I am certain those chemicals get into the water that we drink and fresh water lakes eventually. I like the garlic concentrate and I also like diatomacous earth food grade. A dusting a couple times through out the summer does work well, but it kills the ants and some flowers like peony need ants. Thanks for your comment jp carlos.

Sheila Brown said...

This sounds like it would be really useful if I had a smaller yard. My yard is about 15 acres in the front and another 15 in the back. My dogs wander everywhere out here, so there is no getting around the ticks and fleas, etc. The best I can do is treat the dogs.