Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Safe-T-Pet Ice Melt Keeps your Yard and Garden Healthy

Protect your lawn and gardens in winter with environment friendly ice melt.  This toxic free ice melt is the only product that you can use especially if you have gardens close to your hard surfaces.

Non-toxic ice melt keep your garden healthy

The other products may be cheaper but before you buy read the ingredients.  If you value your soil, and your flower beds, then think twice about using toxic chemicals to melt ice.  Those chemicals will penetrate through the soil and kill your plants at the roots.

Saving a few bucks at the hardware store for a harsh and harmful to environment ice melt sure won’t feel worth it when your wife is making you remove all of the chemical damaged garden soil in the spring to replace with new soil for planting.

Instead pay the few extra bucks and rest easy because Morton Safe-T-Pet Ice melt is salt and chlorine free which means it is safe for your yard, gardens, pets and kids. 

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