Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Yard and Garden Cleanup After Ice Storm

I am looking over my yard and garden to do list and I need to cleanup the lawn and the spring bulb gardens. Last month’s ice storm caused us to have many down branches.  We removed the large branches but there many smaller branches they need to be picked up. Hopefully I will accumulate enough sticks to  ask my hubby to add them to the wood chipper because they will make nice mulch for the garden.

When I finish the removal of down branches from the lawn, I will then concentrate on the gardens.  

Our one maple tree holds onto its leaves until late winter however many of the leaves did come down after the ice storm and fell onto my spring bulb garden. I think it is a good idea to remove the leaves and any mulch from the early spring gardens as it will make it easier for delicate crocus to come up. 

Hopefully the day will stay warm as I also have on my list to replace some parts of my mulch garden path .  Winter was hard and did pull much away from the path.  All In need to do is fill in because it is spotty. 

I hope I can get everything on my list completed, as it late January and before you know it spring garden beds will be blooming. 
Daffodil spring bulb garden


Susan Zutautas said...

We are still buried deep in snow here. This Spring cannot come soon enough for me :)

S Golis said...

I agree Susan Zuautas it has been a hard winter and I certainly spoke to soon. Today was nice and I got some work done in the yard but tonight it is 3 degrees and we have snow in the forecast for the weekend. I enjoy winter, but this winter is too cold and too long.