Saturday, November 8, 2014

Admiring my November Garden

Looking out my picture window I can see hardy copper, red and purple coleus, white inpatients and purple wandering jew plants that are full, healthy and covered with new leaves and blooms. These annual flowers when grown with perennial ornamental grasses and other plants really make my November garden look nice and all of my neighbors when they walk past my house compliment me on my late in season flower gardens.
red coleus garden:

Know that my plants usually are not this healthy, in fact if the summer heat did not kill them then the first cold night in fall would. I am really thankful that I took a chance with spray n grow because this product feeds my garden plants and flowers with micronutrients which are vitamins for your plants.

Here is a photograph postcard that I created from one of my fall garden photographs.  I think you will agree that the November garden plants look amazing.  I know it is not due to my green thumb.  I am certain it is due to the spray-n-grow garden product that I used to feed my plants.

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